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Tubing Mascara



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Unique in its kind, blinc Mascara is not the usual mascara that is resistant to heat, water and humidity. Its innovative formula not only gives an intense and lasting color to the lashes, but respects and preserves the delicate structure, covering them with a special "sheath", the result of a blinc research.
blinc Mascara gives maximum intensity to the eye with a color-saturated formula, also designed for the most fragile and thin lashes that often do not tolerate waterproof and long-lasting mascara.
In his tube all Blinc's expertise in eyelashes is concentrated and for this reason his performances are exceptional: he is comfortable on his eyelashes, he lasts all day without losing intensity and precision, his writing is easy and uniform, without lumps or smudges. But his qualities don't end there!
The special formula of Mascara blinc ensures volume, definition and length for lashes and a deep and intense look that lasts all day. Simple to apply, blinc Mascara cannot be removed like any other mascara. In fact it is not necessary to use any type of eye make-up remover, but the combination of warm water and finger pressure is sufficient.
Ideal for delicate and sensitive eyes, for those who wear contact lenses and for those who are looking for a mascara "effect false eyelashes", long lasting and easy to remove.
Instructions for Use
Apply Mascara after blinc Lash Primer or on clean and dry lashes.
Within 2 minutes, apply one or more layers of product until the desired degree of separation, volume and length of eyelashes have been reached.
Once dry, no other layers can be applied.
blinc Mascara can be removed with the combination of warm water and finger pressure.
Do not use any type of eye makeup remover to remove Mascara blinc.
How is it possible that blinc Mascara is long lasting and waterproof but at the same time can be removed with the sole use of water? Blinc Mascara is not a common waterproof mascara! Traditional water-resistant mascaras are difficult to remove make-up, they require time and products that are very often aggressive for the eyelashes and the eye area. blinc Mascara coats the lashes with a special "sheath" that can be easily removed with the combination of plenty of warm water and finger pressure. blinc Mascara is simple to apply and easy to remove.
Tears, sweat and moisture can compromise the holding of Mascara? Tearing, damp climate and sweat are not enough to make Mascara run dry. Even in the presence of intense tearing, the
lining around the lashes created by blinc Mascara does not melt and does not drip, because for removal it still needs finger pressure. So goodbye smudges, black shadows and "panda eyes".
When I remove blinc Mascara with fingers does it risk damaging or breaking the lashes?
Absolutely not. Once the mascara is impregnated with water, the "sheath" that covers the lashes slides away gently and easily. To remove the mascara it is sufficient to wet the eyes abundantly and then exert a slight pressure of the fingers on the eyelashes.
My eyes are sensitive, I wear contact lenses every day but sometimes I wear glasses, is it also suitable for me?
Yes. Blinc Mascara is long-lasting but its formula is also suitable for delicate eyes, because it is free of irritating ingredients or can trigger allergies. Does not create lumps, does not stain, does not flake, does not penetrate the skin like traditional oil-based mascara, the main cause of irritation. blinc Mascara is the ideal product to preserve the area around the eyes, as in the unstroke phase it does not require rubbing and the use of products that, to be effective in removing long-lasting makeup, must necessarily have an aggressive formula.